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Dirt Dragons does not use cookies to collect or disseminate any information. We may allow an outside ad agency to display ad banners on some sections of our site and their ads may contain cookies. We do not have access to any information about you from ad banner cookies you might receive while visiting our site.

Stampede sends out a periodic e-mail news letter. This letter will be mailed only to people who have specifically requested to receive it and will include instructions for removal from the mailing list.

User Information
The only user information Dirt Dragons collects is the name and score of any person who chooses to post such information on our site. The score submission page uses player age to classify the player in the children's groups or as an adult. The age data is processed on the player computer and only the category information is transferred to our server. Player age is not transmitted or recorded anywhere.

Further information
If you have further questions you can view the stampede-entertainment.com privacy statement or contact the webmaster.